Jims first year of skydiving edit! Congrats!

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Angle and carving in Lodi

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Fun in the sun Skydive Empuriabrava

Rune and Jim went flying with Alex in Bottrop and decided to take a two week trip to Empuriabrava. Tons of fun and had a really good time. Met a lot of awesome people and some of them are in this edit, a bunch of Swedish Army guys and Julian from Barcelona (who taught me my very first Catalan sentence). Being Runes first jumps since he broke his back it was really nice to get back in the air. Did a lot of flat tracking jumps and a few freefly. Some more successful than others =)  Here’s a quick mix’n match edit from the weeks in Empuria. PS! The first scene is Rune practicing carving in Sannys couch.

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Stupid Mr. Bill attempt at 100 jumps

Here’s an edit of what not to do. This summer traveling the US I attempted to do a Mr. Bill. Didn’t work out very well and I thought I’d show you how it was like so you don’t have to find out.

GoPro 3 released – Watch video

SKYbum welcomes Truls too the team!

TrulsTruls is an awesome dude with a lot of ideas and a lot of energy that he always mixes up to the most awsome things! The awsomness in this dude is so big that it would not eaven fit in a pyramide! This guy will be head of marketing and one of the hotshots fighting to make BumWear a reality! BumWear will be the most awsome, chillest and bumest clothing, so just keep your eyes open for this in the future! Truls is actually not jumping yet, but the rest of the team will get him up in the air as soon as possible.

So please welcome Mr. Social aka Truls aka TheAwsomness!

Tunnel fun and Hemsedal Heliboogie

Hei bloggen!

Jim and myself are on our way home to Norway after spending some QUALITY time in Bottrop. We had a blast! Even though we had some minor complications during the planing of the trip. The day before we left we realized there were none available hotel rooms in all of Bottrop. Luckily Hedda hooked us up with Sanni, so we could stay with her.

Flying in the tunnel for the first time was funny and frustrating (Jim? ;). When finally realizing we had to start over from scratch everything started t0 get a lot easier and we learned a lot about flying instead of falling =) We’re definitely going back, hopefully already in two weeks. Alex is a great coach with a funny face and attitude. Super grateful to him, and we’re hoping to spend a lot more time with him both inside and outside of the tunnel.

Hedda spent last weekend in Hemsedal or, Hyggedal, working with OFSK at the heliboogie and doing a few amazing jumps in the mountain valley. Not only was it an awesome heliboogie, it was also October fest, which you all know means HUGE mugs of beer and tacky german ompa music. We jumped like crazy all friday and saturday and partyed like rockstars on saturday night. Sunday the heli´s were flying back home to Voss and Hedda went with the slack line boys to watch them walk highlines over Rjukandefossen (massive waterfall in Hemsedal) sunday morning. The afternoon was spent in House of Hygge´s shop with Petter Edderkopp, where we did some sales of hygge stuff , did some longboarding inside the shop and watched the epic Hot dog the movie!

The most amazing this is, House of Hygge has decided to sponsor us, and Hedda got to take home some awesome hyggestuff to the boys. We are very, very grateful and you´ll see us doing some stunts and generally hanging around like the bums we are, with awesome House of Hygge clothing.

Next update is bound to be saucy, so stay tuned with us!

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Split of a second

As the title states “A film about wingsuit flying” featuring famous norwegian wingsuit flyer Espen Fadnes, competing in World Wingsuit League October 13th. Listen to what he has to say about flying and how he got to be where he is today. Amazing camerawork and production by Is this it.


House of Hygge headbanger

Dustet of an old pair of headphones I had laying around and pimped out a beanie I got from Sandy last year. Turned out pretty well as you can tell from the photos. It’s amazing all the things you can do when you have the time to do it. Do your own and post pictures! Here’s my two favorite playlists as well:

- Psychedelic

- SKYbum

Doing some cycling while my back is healing

Hedda and me went to the slopes doing some downhill biking last weekend, so this time I wanted to take Jim. We’re going pretty easy at it, since my back is still healing from the injury I got during Summerfest. Put together a little video from Tryvann Sommerpark.